Monday, May 7, 2018

State-ward Bound

Well, y'all, I am officially less than a month out from my very first trip back to the US of A since moving to Guatemala in February of 2017.  AHHHHH!

As you might expect, I am more than excited to see my family.  I get to see my bestest friend in the world (besides Jesus), I get to eat all the Whataburger and Chick-fil-a that my body can (or cannot) handle, and I get to visit with all my supporters!  I will also get to eat Rosa's tortillas, flush toilet paper, and take a BATH!  (We don't have many bathtubs here in Guate, unless I want to take a dip in the pila which is frowned upon.)  I cannot wait to share with everyone what God has been doing through me here in Guatemala, and I am pumped to be in Texas!  The place I called home for my first 25 years of life.  Who wouldn't be, right?

While I am enthralled to be visiting, I am also nervous.  In missionary training, they prepare you for the things you might feel, things to expect, but the true mystery is in how I will actually feel and how I will handle it.  I've just fallen into a rhythm here, or as much of one as you can have while living at a children's home, and I'm getting accustomed.  I'm adjusting, and in about 20ish days I will re-enter my birth culture when I've been learning how to assimilate to Guatemalan culture.  AHHHH!  Like, I wonder how many times I will say "permiso" when entering a room or office until I realize that my knock was a sufficient heads-up.  Or how many times am I going to start talking to a white kid in Spanish because it's a kid, and that is what I have become accustomed to?  

Something else that adds to the excitement of this trip is that the Lord has given me a little insight:  I will have a better idea of what He is calling me to do here in Guatemala.  My original commitment of 3 years could stay the same, or God could ask me for more.  I am excited and giddy because God is so good.  Although there is a hint of uncertainty to what feelings this trip will elicit, He has everything already planned out, and it'll be nothing short of perfect.  On the other hand, I'm scared and anxious at the thought of what He may ask of me.  But that is the beauty of God.  What fun would it be to already know what He has planned?  

And so my friends, I am asking for prayers.  Prayers that my heart be open and willing to do what God asks.  Pray for a spirit of obedience and excitement in my obedience, haha.  Pray for clarity, discernment and wisdom as I continue seeking guidance for what the Lord wants of me in these next few years.  Even though I have already been in Guatemala for a year, I have a feeling that He is just brushing the surface of the things He already has planned for me here.  

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